All Your Fault

Dir: Charlie Kennedy
Role: Original Music

Charlie Kennedy’s suspenseful short film takes place in a dreamy estate where Karren, the older sister of Sam, reminisces over Sam’s disappearance. When Karren least expects it, Sam is sitting right next to her looking gruesome and dead with an evil agenda to bring Karren along with her to the afterlife. While it didn’t do anything in the festivals, composer Stephen Frost couldn’t sleep for two weeks he was so frightened.


Director: Charlie Kennedy
Writer: Charlie Kennedy
Producer: Andrew Menjivar
Production Designer: Andrew Menjivar
Associate Producer: Ethan Bergeron
Casting Director: Ethan Bergeron
Executive Producer: Debbie Kennedy
Karren Johnson: Samantha Burssard
Sam Johnson: Michaela Qvale
Director of Photography: Athit Naik
Editor: Charlie Kennedy
Costume Designer: Charlie Kennedy
First Assistant Director: Moe Jalali
Second Assistant Director: CC Boyce
First Camera Assistant: Ben Smith
Second Cameras Assistant: Shawn Ardalan
Grip & Electric Department: Marco Bottiglieri, Koji Ishida, Cassandra Boh, Ruoxin Wu, Bryan Bermudez, Levin Garbisch
Set Production Assistants: Ryan Brennan, TJ Marine, Quetzaly Santiesteban
Makeup Artist: Melina Kerasimian
Hairstylist: Alex Miller
Sound Design: Andrew Menjivar
Production Sound Mixer: Casey Millan
Boom Operator: Gurdit Singh
Craft Services: CC Boyce
Credit Song: “Scream Queen” by Forget Your Friends
Special Thanks: Pastor Roger Barkley & Jaffar Mahmood