Feel the Details

Client: Pioneer
Production: Ugly Duckling Projects
Role: Music Remix

“Feel the Details” is the creative theme behind a fully integrated campaign for Pioneer Asia’s latest 2016 car speaker series. The campaign embraced Pioneer’s award-winning speakers for their intricate quality and accuracy in sound. This product story was translated into a human one, taking a journey and experiencing some of nature’s beautiful and organic details.

Stereo Couture was brought on to take a production music track to the next level, giving the laid-back song a club vibe to emphasize the visuals and the product: bass-heavy speakers.  

The 30s video has received nearly 2M views.


Co-Directors: Peter Lau and Robbie Bempasciuto
Video Editor: Miguel Angel Almagro
Photography : Peter Lau
Digital Imaging: Agnes Teo
Music: Marc Jackson Burrows
Vocals: Eliza Carrick-Davies
Music Remix: Stephen Frost

“Feel the Details”

“Feel the Details 30s”