Sydney Trains

Client: Sydney Trains
Production Companies: Armchair Productions || Poke the Bear Animation
Role: Original Music

Sydney Trains is the suburban passenger rail network serving Sydney, Australia. The company commissioned a series of ten animated shorts, both funny and poignant, to guide passengers toward proper etiquette and safety habits.

"Give Up Your Seat"

"Bags on Seats"

"Don't Miss Your Train"



Creative Director: Stefan Wernik
Director: Guy Jamieson
Producer: Stefan Wernik
Writers: Jason J. Cohn & Zac Hutchinson
Rigger: Arthur Collie
Designer: Alexander Watson
Animator: Darragh White
2D Character animation: Andrew Bowler
Character modelling: Tristan Lock
Music: Stephen Frost

"Bags on Seats"

Vocals: Stephen Frost

"Quiet Carriages"

Vocals: Matt McIver
Producers: Stephen Frost & Matt McIver

"Stay Behind the Yellow Line"

"Quiet Carriages"

"Be A Real Hero"