Wave & Win

Client: Visa
Agency: Traffik Group
Role: Original Music

Visa promoted its new payWave technology amongst sporting fans by commissioning an interactive game that could be played out across an entire stadium. The game was a halftime experience that pit one side of the stadium against the other by literally waving their hands to spur on-screen animated characters to run. The more fans waved, the faster their character would reach the finish line.

Wave & Win was an Australian-first in stadium-wide motion tracking. Over nine games, the total participant count was over 600,000. These videos give an overview of the experience at two of the events, including our original music that was actually used during the game.



Production: S1T2
Music: Stephen Frost

Melbourne V Essendon
6 April 2013
Attendance: 51,153

Collingwood V Essendon
25 April 2013
Attendance: 93,373

"Collingwood V Essendon, 25 April 2013"

"Melbourne V Essendon, 9 April 2013"